Ei Studio: Beavercreek School District

What would it look like to empower middle schools and high schools with a new framework for solving problems? The Beavercreek City School District, with generous support from an Ohio Straight A grant, is converting 4 traditional classrooms into design labs, and Ei is working with them to bring those design labs to life.

As part of Ei's Studio – our professional development and training practice – we are working alongside teachers to develop curriculum and explore how to use Design Thinking to structure engaging, real-world projects based on student interests.

Here's a glimpse of the beginning of our collaboration.

Beavercreek school district - part 2

What happens when students are given the opportunity to do their own research to answer a question, and then to use insights from that research to fuel new ideas? "It feels like the stuff you're building is yours," was one student's answer.

Ei has been working this past year with Beavercreek City Schools in Ohio as part of their Straight A grant-funded project, providing professional development workshops and developing curricular materials to help bring 4 new design labs to life.

Since we published our first video from the project last spring, we've completed curriculum for 3 new design thinking elective courses. Recently, we were back on the ground in Beavercreek, visiting those classes and talking with the students and teachers about how things are going.

Leap Kit

The Leap Kit is a map, journal and deck of cards to help you design a personal Leap, a 90-day project to tackle a question or learn how to create something you’ve always wanted to make. It is designed for times of transition, such as graduating high school, navigating college decisions, or changing careers.

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