Leverage the power of

place and student voice

to deepen learning

As we prepare to launch this program this fall, we are building a community of teachers who are interested in participating.

If you’re a south Wood County teacher, sign up here, and we’ll let you know when we open applications for the fall cohort. For everyone else, sign up here to stay to tuned for more information!

The Ei Studio Fellowship is a three-month professional learning program that helps middle and high school educators create student-centered learning experiences that bridge school and community in their classes.

  • Increase student engagement in learning
  • Build 21st century skills and mindsets
  • Positively impact your community

upcoming fellowships


  1. Discover a framework for designing learning experiences that are student-driven, competency-building, and place-based.
  2. Prepare "hacks" - big or small ways that you can begin to infuse the framework into the classes you teach, extracurriculars you oversee, and everyday interactions you have with students.
  3. Act on your plan! Implement your hack with students, and debrief with your peers.  
  4. Refine your plans and your ability to create great learning experiences through mini workshops and group check-ins.
  5. Share your progress and celebrate with your school and community.


  1. a process for designing high-quality learning experiences that leverage the local context and focus on building essential competencies, which you can integrate again and again into your teaching practice
  2. access to lesson plans and learning resources produced by Ei and other participating teachers;
  3. relationships with a community of like-minded educators with whom you can continue to share and learn.